Brand Summit South Africa

EraValues will be attending the South African Brand Summit in Cape Town to understand the needs of a young country in search of change. This will enable me to enrich my cultural awareness and bring back with me motivation and contemporary changes this summit will raise.

Some information on the Summit:

22 years following the dawn of democratic South Africa and four Presidents later, a lot has happened to unravel the tapestry of the rainbow nation which earned South Africa the admiration of the world. This summit will provide a robust platform to begin – but probably not finish – a series of easy and difficult conversations that will enable participants to:

* Understand how South Africa is perceived and what it is currently associated with and known for, domestically and globally (current nation brand image);

* Identify the things that impact on South Africa as a nation brand;

* Discuss South Africa’s brand narrative(s), i.e. the messages that are being received out there, domestically and globally, about the country, how these get sent out and how they inform the narrative of the nation brand image;

* Identify key South African brands – across the spectrum – domestically and globally, that particularly impact on South Africa’s image;

* Globally benchmark South Africa against other nation brands, especially its middle-income country peers, in Africa and elsewhere in the world;

* Discuss global best practice in nation brand building and management;

* Facilitate discussions about an ideal brand South Africa; what we would like South Africa to be known for and associated with (brand identity); and, finally

* Recognise, award, and celebrate the brands that make South Africa shine.

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